Just had to by joysabin

Just had to

I live in a town that is heavily dependent on the tourists, so it doesn't usually phase me to see the strange and unique.

I had stopped at the store to get a loaf of sour dough bread and few veggies when I spotted this so of course I had to snap a few shots.

After shopping I noticed the owner stowing her groceries and commented on her door panel sticker. She told me it was a gift upon retirement from the forest service. I then gave her a high five on retirement. I didn't even think about asking if I could take her picture for my long and neglected strangers project, wish I had, but maybe it would have ruined things. Anyway, finding this was a source of many smiles.
Ha ha welcome to the club. Get me one of these stickers to. Well spotted.
January 11th, 2020  
Love the story and sticker and image.
January 11th, 2020  
Brilliant. Well spotted!
January 11th, 2020  
well found and captured
January 11th, 2020  
Love it!!!
January 12th, 2020  
The great thing about the sticker is that it's so low key, you have to look at it a second time to really get what is going on. Or at least, I did.
January 12th, 2020  
Fun photo!
January 12th, 2020  
@sdutoit I would love to find one too. Subtle humor is the best.

@overalvandaan Those who have found joy in retirement are often the most content people to encounter.

@tinley23 @judithtb The beauty of this photographic community is that I now notice things that I wouldn't have before.

@mzzhope @gardencat I think that subtle humor like this is what we should concentrate on more.

@trinkaholub It was wonderful that she was there so I could complement her on the sticker. It made me smile a great deal.
January 12th, 2020  
I agree with the above. Nice post
January 12th, 2020  
Love the sticker. I know it is sometimes easy to forget the 100 strangers project.
January 12th, 2020  
What a great sticker - perfect for a travelling retiree.
January 12th, 2020  
How great was that gift! Well spotted and shot.
January 12th, 2020  
January 12th, 2020  
Yes, this sticker is a smile waiting to happen- I chuckled at it before I read your commentary. Good catch!
January 12th, 2020  
Good one! I often photograph signs that make me laugh but haven’t posted any. Maybe I will?
January 13th, 2020  
Thank you for sharing this!
Great sticker and a fab car.
January 13th, 2020  
Love it!
January 14th, 2020  
January 15th, 2020  
@runner365 Got laugh or we aren't going to make it. Smiles help me daily.

@la_photographic Thank you so much, I am basically an introvert so stepping outside of my comfort zone is a challenge.

@nickspicsnz I think that it is but could also be great on a sweatshirt.

@pusspup Sometimes the Photographic Gods show their sense of humor and I am very very grateful.

@pdulis Thank you so much.

@olivetreeann Parking lots can be interesting places. I got lucky with this one.

@redy4et Oh, please do. Catching smiles and sharing them is important.

@octogenarian Thank you so very kindly for the fav. I hope she appreciated me commenting on her sticker. Making some one else smile each day is a goal that I try to follow.

@jernst1779 Subtle but ever so great. Thank you so much.

@eudora Some days its the little smiles that mean the most.
January 17th, 2020  
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