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Where do the numbers 3 and 730 equate? Well here with this wonderful 365 community. My 3rd year starts today(9-1-17). I am also starting a new project. PMAE (Pushing My Artistic Envelope).

Many years ago I started out with B&W film. Since joining 365, I have played around with many different ideas, styles and techniques. I feel that the most important thing that has happened for me in the past two years is that I am thinking photography daily. I look more and see more. I also think more about what ‘that’ might look like, how can I do ‘that’ or that I don’t want to do ‘that’, etc. I have expanded my creative horizons but I feel that it is time for me to practice more discipline in my art, therefore I am going back to my photographic roots so to speak.
I plan to go dark for a year. I will do my utmost to compose and shoot the entire year in black and white. I will try now and then to shoot film so that I continue to work on those skills.
My 3rd year looks to be one of growth, excitement and continued fun.