Luv a Duk, the Virus is Still Here by ladymagpie

Luv a Duk, the Virus is Still Here

Marcus the Duck is confused, with this change to rainy weather
He waddles about in his Wellies, and really at the end of his tether
Confused by the puddles of water, as he looks for his ponds and lakes
He runs around quite scared, and forced to put on his brakes
In a similar way I’m concerned, with my first visit to a food store
With my face masks’ in place, I sanitise my hands at the shop door
The place has arrows and lines, the checkouts protecting your face
The shop has really worked hard, to make customer feel real safe
After sanitising my hands once more, I sit in my car and contemplate
I found that people are ignoring, those rules that perhaps they hate
Nobody was using the hand cleaning, and only one lady was masked
Distancing just didn’t happen, regardless in what we were asked
They think that the Stroud is so safe, the virus won’t happen here
But looks what happened in Leicester, a lock-down returns, oh dear!
Just try to think of others, the elderly and those with ill health
So hide your face from others and protect their lives and yourself
Hear hear ! Ooh ! I so do agree , as I gingerly stepped out to shop for the first time all masked up to find others flaunting the rules !! Love your poem and Poor Marcus the duck ! he does look bewildered in his spotty red boots ! - bless him !!
July 2nd, 2020  
A cute little duck 🦆. Fav!! 😀
July 2nd, 2020  
Well said Lady M. A great poem. ( Love the duck)
July 2nd, 2020  
July 2nd, 2020  
July 3rd, 2020  
Cute shot.
July 3rd, 2020  
Cute duck! That poem is so true. I think part of the uk population are totally oblivious that we have a virus circulating!
July 4th, 2020  
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