Randomness #42903

There was a "Home Hazardous Waste" collection in our area today. Well, in the next county down to be exact. But it's been frightfully long since there's been one around, so we loaded the car with old paint, old household chemicals, and various other old "gunk" and headed off.

35 minutes each way didn't seem so bad. But the 2 hour line? We hadn't planned on that. Ugh. Looking at google maps, the line was "only" a bit over 0.5 mile long (0.85 km), but I guess people were bring lots of gunk... Chatting breifly w/ the folks running the event, they noted that this was the first collection the Illinois EPA had permitted in 5 years, and the line had started building 90 munites before they opened. Unreal.

Anyway, at some point during the inching along, I rolled down my window and took this photo.
Well I guess not the most glamerous day trip imaginable but nevertheless good to dispose of these things properly. Interesting storage facility - looks like a cross between a marquee and a barn, and resembles an upside down boat too!
posted June 20th, 2017  
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