We're NOT decorating for Christmas yet! by mcsiegle

We're NOT decorating for Christmas yet!

The dinosaurs and Neanderthal men have been commenting on the nearness of Thanksgiving and, consequently, the nearness of the Christmas season. A couple of dinosaurs had been keen to start decorating already and cited the Christmas merchandise appearing in the stores as their reasoning. I am absolutely opposed to getting into that until after Thanksgiving. BUT I did relent to a brief plugging in of the glass block with lights inside (VERY temporary -- just for this photo shoot). The true reason for getting it out and inviting the dinosaurs to check it out, was that I wanted another dino/light photo for one of the collages I'm putting together for the current MFPIAC challenge with the theme of "light." The glass block is going back upstairs into the closet now.

Captured in this picture are one of the Neanderthal men and the Trachodon inspecting the plug connection, the Rhamphorhynchus checking out the ribbon on top, the two Apatosaurus youngsters mesmerized by the lights, and (so predictable!) the Triceratops Twins arguing about some darn thing or another that only slightly relates to the subject of the photo -- whose turn it was going to be next to do something or other. I tried to just ignore it. Sigh.

Anyway, I got my photo, so now back to the collage!
Super shot for the challenge and a great story of what is happening.
Thank you for entering!
November 21st, 2019  
Your baby dino's are as curious as kittens !
November 21st, 2019  
Getting in touch with their feminine side, are they?
November 22nd, 2019  
The lighting is brilliant and the hepto/spiro/sam/saurus are all there because they got an invitation and there was food!
November 22nd, 2019  
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