Oh come let us adore Him by mcsiegle

Oh come let us adore Him

The dinosaurs couldn't decide on a theme this week. I had them looking through the 365 words for the month of December, but nothing was clicking.

When I started to put up the nativity scene on top of the piano, I suddenly realized that then I had nowhere to move the dinosaurs, who have been hanging out on the ledge between dining room and kitchen. I had planned to move them back to the piano because I want to decorate the ledge with some Christmas ornaments that fit there nicely.

I asked if they would like to join Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus -- and the shepherds and the 3 kings. Oh, boy, I've never gotten such an enthusiastic affirmative from them as I got with that question. Blow me down with a feather -- I didn't know they cared so deeply about the celebration of the birth of Jesus. I'm ashamed to admit I thought their view of Christmas was much more shallow and secular.

Here are some pictures from that scene. You can't see all the dinosaurs in these shots, but they are all up there. I was particularly touched to see the Allosaurus taking care of the little lamb with the broken legs who can't stand well on his own. He (and the rest of the dinosaurs and Neanderthal Man) really "get" what the spirit of Christmas means.
That is perfect and reminds me of a mom I know who kept moving her daughters pink giraffe out of the nativity but the daughter put it back several times a day until it finally stayed.
December 21st, 2015  
Awww...Fun and sweet.
December 24th, 2015  
You gave me a chuckle! Especially the dino helping the sheep!
December 27th, 2015  
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