"They were GREEN." by mcsiegle

"They were GREEN."

I couldn't resist photographing this display at the public library, among the books they have for sale. You'll see the tags say "Purple Books" and "Green Books" etc. It reminded me of a character from a book I read recently. Some of you may remember that last spring I was reading every version of the Twelve Dancing Princesses, or book based on it that I could get my hands on. Well, I'm still going -- albeit not at the pace I was reading last year.

One of the books I have lately discovered is called "Of Mice and Magic." It is book 2 in the Hamster Princess series. Harriet Hamsterbone, a princess who, in the first book -- a (very unconventional) Sleeping Beauty story -- breaks the sleeping curse her father's castle is still under.

In Book 2 she goes off adventuring again and is given the challenge of breaking the curse that 12 mouse princesses are under. In that book, their father, the mouse king, obsessively color-codes everything. Each room of the castle has only one color throughout, and HERE'S THE RELEVANT BIT -- he sorts his books by color.

A bit of dialogue from the book:

It is very awkward making small talk with a king while you wait for a curse to be broken. Harried tried “So, how about the weather we’re having?” This earned her a deathly glare.
She looked at the door again. Still no sign of Wilbur.
“Err…color-code any good books lately?”
"Yes,” said the mouse king. “Three green ones. They were lovely.”
“What were they about?”
“They were green,” said the mouse king, as if it were obvious.

Sadly, this doesn't quite qualify for my get pushed challenge (four cornered picture) because the different colored books don't go quite all the way to the corners.

NOTE: In my Alternates album, I’ve put a cropped version that satisfies the get pushed challenge.
Crop, Mary, Crop to get them to the corners! A great photo anyway and an interesting story!
April 14th, 2019  
Nicely composed capture. The shelf gives the image the look of a dyptich.
April 14th, 2019  
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