Halloween is coming by mcsiegle

Halloween is coming

Messing around with soap bubbles and an apple in an attempt to do something with my get pushed challenge of bubbles and fruit (didn't have time to experiment with carbonated water) from Photogq @gq

I took a few shots with this neat glass skull I just got at Walmart yesterday. For just $1.88, I thought it would be a good addition (minus the lid and sippy straw) to the memorial altar I always put up each year honoring people dear to us who have died in the past year.

I know there is no logical reason to combine the skull, the apple, and the bubbles. One could stretch it a bit with the apple (from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil) and the symbol of death, but the bubbles make no sense...
@gq another bubble thing -- the fruit is on the right.
October 9th, 2017  
lol just chuck a skull in there, it will be fine!
October 9th, 2017  
@kali66 Adding a skull is appropriate for any occasion, don't you think? I can't wait for our annual trek to Minnesota for Crypticon!
October 9th, 2017  
Suitably creepy :)
October 9th, 2017  
A well executed a photo with a very unique subject
October 9th, 2017  
nicely done!
October 9th, 2017  
Bubbles as cleansers? Sits well with Good and Evil I reckon! Also its such an unusual shot and I like it too, so it has to be awarded a FAV badge! :-)
October 11th, 2017  
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