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2024: so begins year 4. Still using an iPhone. Still learning. Still focused on the journey of remembering to “see” every day. Still traveling the world through this community. Some adventures have brought grand, bucket list vistas. So many more are about the every day beauty to be found in our lives.

2023: And just like that, I start my third year. Still using an iPhone. Still seeking the beauty in my ordinary day to day surroundings. Still finding joy in this wonderful, supportive community.

January 2021: I was part of this community for a couple of years a few years ago. I learned to pay attention and to see the joy and beauty that is all around and can be seen in the most ordinary of things. That mindset is life-altering. I am back in to remind myself of that joy and to continue that journey. Thank you for taking the time to share my journey & for sharing yours with me.

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