Passes my test.  by pandorasecho

Passes my test.

When I graduated from High School you might think I would be eager to get away from the town where I had been bullied. But oddly I wasn’t. Maybe because I had found school to be filled with a lot of pain and danger, I wasn’t eager to see what else was out there. So I went to college as close to home as I could, and that meant I lived at home and rode 25 miles on a Jr. college school bus each morning and came home at five PM

The first semester was a period of more growth than I expected. People smiled at me and said “hi” between classes and I kept looking shyly around to see who they were talking to, and there would be no one but me around. It took time but I gradually realized that I did not have “loser” branded on my forehead and I started looking up beyond my shoes and smiling first.
Then I needed a class only offered in the evening when the bus didn’t run. I bravely called a number listed in the school’s hot line (a daily sheet of messages printed and hung on various bulletin boards by student services) looking to carpool for evening classes. And with that call, I changed my life.
The other student was also a tall, skinny redhead, and would become my life long best friend and partner in everything. My first graceful words to him were rude, “I never met a redhead I liked” but he was funny and gentle and rowdy and confident and he passed the biggest test of all. He loved my brother Lance as soon as he met him and was soon coming with gifts to visit Lance as much as to see me. My grandma adored him, and Mom informed me that if I ever broke up with him, the rest of the family was keeping him.
I never considered breaking up with him though, he made me see myself through his eyes and for the first time ever since my first day of first grade, I loved who I am.
Lovely romantic story….how lucky you were to hit the bulls eye on your first date! So glad you found each other.
November 21st, 2022  
November 22nd, 2022  
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