Manually Focussed Phil  by phil_howcroft

Manually Focussed Phil

I've been experimenting shooting in manual focusing, rather than using auto focus,

I got Jane to take this shot, so she was manually focusing the camera. There's a really nice "peaking level" feature on the Sony A6000 to help with manual focussing, it highlights the bits that are in focus.

I told Jane to "twiddle the ring until my eyes glow" , she said my ears were glowing, so I said that will do !!

Turned out OK

Edited in Rawtherapee and GIMP
Nice shot of your friendly smile Phil
September 14th, 2018  
Very good work. Iā€™d say Jane is a great student!
September 14th, 2018  
Well...that's your new 365 account photo...
September 14th, 2018  
Excellent twiddling by Jane ;)
September 14th, 2018  
Great smile, Phil...but I find all the controls on my (6300) confusing...well done for understanding them! :)
September 14th, 2018  
So Jane was learning to focus manually not you!! šŸ¤£šŸ˜€. Well done Jane!
September 14th, 2018  
@happypat thanks Pat, Jane did a good job :)

@ivan Ivan , there are so many features to get to grips with !!

@suzanne234 thanks Suzanne, I will pass your complimants onto Jane :)

@ahleena good shout Poppy :)

@allie912 thanks Allison, you are correct :)

@beryl thank you very much beryl :)

September 14th, 2018  
What a great smile you have and good catchlights in your eyes too
September 16th, 2018  
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