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I'm into year FIVE of my 365. Yes year 5 !!!

YEAR FOUR : Major change in year FOUR is that I started a mini project of 50 mono portraits with my 50mm lens. I should finish the project during year FIVE

YEAR THREE : Pretty much like year two i.e. 'post / update photos when I can', that said I did seem to manage 4 or 5 updates per week which is pretty good. I got quite into post processing via GIMP and a fantastic plugin named G'MIC in year three.

YEAR TWO UPDATE : After completing my 365, I took a few weeks break from the daily update of images. After the 'break' I came back for a second year, but year two will be 'post / update photos when you can', because (a) taking photos during the week is difficult due to rules at work regarding 'cameras on site' and (b) the daily update of photos sort of gets in the way of 'real life' .

Whenever I post I'll comment too, because the banter and camaraderie on 365 is what makes the experience worthwhile


Location: Nottingham, England, UK

Interests: Bolton Wanderers, Wine, Football, Photography, Musical Theatre

Job: I work in IT (Information Technology)

Photography: Secretary Arnold and District Camera Club



I have a flickr account to showcase some of my many pics:


Contact : bwfcnottingham is my address at gmail.com