The view from under the trees by phil_howcroft

The view from under the trees

The good people of Nottingham watching the Lincolnshire Hospital Band at Nottingham Arboretum Park , Saturday 13 July 2019

This is me trying to be creative, The trees in the arboretum are beautiful and this wonderful tree is used to both shelter from the sun and keep dry in the rain. Such is our English summer , we had both sun and rain today , albeit the rain was only a few big blobs during the concert.

Maybe a bit too much tree in the composition , but the canopy of leaves is rather nice.

Sony A6000 , Sony 50mm f1.8 lens
A nice composition with the natural framing of the tree abeit a bit too much for my liking as it does obstruct my view of the band ( like a fringe when it grows too long !! ha !)
July 14th, 2019  
A tough viewpoint there Phil - it does capture the atmosphere and 'take you there' so to speak!
July 15th, 2019  
Very nice shot and I agree it was tough to take this shot from this angle. Perhaps if you had dropped on your knees yuo could have captured more of the stand band and less of the tree.
July 15th, 2019  
In my view the trees are perfect Phil... nature getting in on the act! If I were to criticise anything for spoiling the view it would be the intrusion of the white haired person on the left as being a bit of a distraction. It draws my eye and I wish it didn't but its not a big deal.
July 15th, 2019  
More importantly, How did they sound?
July 18th, 2019  
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