Industar - 50 3.5/50 Selfie by phil_howcroft

Industar - 50 3.5/50 Selfie

Friends and followers will know I collect vintage lenses and attach them to my Sony A6000

At the weekend I got a call from a lady at a charity shop to let me know she had some cameras in stock. The lady knows i collect them, so keeps me informed of any new items.

I was pleased to see a beautiful Silver Industar 50mm lens attached to Zenit 3M. The serial number indicated it was 1964 vintage and was a Leica L39 thread.

The focus ring was a bit stiff, but I decided to buy the camera and lens (together with a few other little accessories in the camera case)

I googled how to fix the stiff lens (lighter fuel on the helicoid) . Anyway when I attached the lens to the Sony via an L39 adapter nothing would focus !! I put a message on one of the forums I am a member of and someone told me that although the thread was a Leica L39 , the distance from the Lens to the Zenit was that of an M42 threaded lens and as such I needed a little L39 to M42 ring to attach the lens to an M42 adapter.

You with me so far?

Anyway, the solution worked !!!

The lens is tiny, pancake size and as you can see it takes pretty good pics. This was shot at f5.6

My wife took the pic , the side of our house seems to be my go to location for testing my vintage lens testing.

Apologies for another pic of me, but I don;t have access to lots of models to test my lenses..

The lens is a keeper. The lens, camera, camera bag and contents (lens cap, extension tubes, convertor) cost me the grand total of 25 GBP

If you made it this far in my narrative, well done , thanks for reading and I hope you like the pic.

I'd just had my haircut in the morning (too much info Phil )
Love the narrative - what a bargain and hair looks good 👌
August 22nd, 2019  
Great shot of a happy chap!!
August 22nd, 2019  
I'm smiling! I read all your narrative even though I lost the thread halfway.... Great bargain and I can see you will never be bored in retirement!
August 22nd, 2019  
How wonderful to have a spy out there sourcing your will veal yore not missing any that come in shops must be a great source of goodies!
August 22nd, 2019  
When I saw your picture and your smiling face I thought you were going to say: "Say hi, to the new pensioner". You amaze me with your collection of old lenses which you manage to fit on your camera but from your narrative which I had to concentrate to understand (and that shows that I know nothing about cameras) your story. You must be very knowledgeable on photography. Anyway, this is a lovely picture of you and as always I like your radiant smile.
August 23rd, 2019  
What a great selfie.
August 26th, 2019  
Fun portrait, great smile. Love the caption on the tee shirt - great idea to fold your arms to hide the rest of the words so we think 'The Beautiful' means you. 3;-)
Sounds like you're building a network of vintage lens scouts!
Read your comment about a macro lens; I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with that too.
Thank you for taking the time to look at and comment on my work, Phil, much appreciated.
August 31st, 2019  
@dulciknit Alison, it;s an old t-shirt "The Beautiful Game" it has two little boys playing football in a street , maybe 1970's , thank you for your very kind comments :)
September 1st, 2019  
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