100 Strangers : Round 3 : No. 227 : Chloe by phil_howcroft

100 Strangers : Round 3 : No. 227 : Chloe

This is my second stranger from Saturday, so the narrative for this photo starts the same as the one for my previous stranger. The intro’ is important to set the scene, so apologies if you read the first few sentences on stranger 226 (Jess)

On Saturday, my wife, daughters and myself, went into Nottingham for some lunch. Our first "post lockdown" visit to a restaurant.

It probably wasn't the best choice of date as there was a demonstration by the "extreme right", who were going to "bring Nottingham to a standstill". There were also some counter demonstrations planned by groups outraged by the views of the extreme right.

The city centre was full of police and the police helicopter was circling the city monitoring the situation.

I told my wife and daughters I would go and try and find a couple of strangers before we had lunch. They were a little worried and told me to be careful, I assured them I would be "street wise".

I didn’t get any strangers before lunch but I managed a couple of strangers after lunch. I made my way to an area of the city where the Nottingham and Mansfield Trade Unions and Black Life Matters supporters were speaking in favour of inclusivity and diversity in our society.

This is Chloe. I heard Chloe before I saw her. She was speaking and hosting an open mic session in the Black Lives Matter area of the protest. She spoke passionately and from the heart about discrimination and inclusivity. I decided she would make a great stranger for my project. After she had finished her speech and passed the microphone over to another lady, I approached her for a photo. She had her back to me, so I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her for a photo. I suggested we moved away from the crowd and stand by the pillars of Debenhams department store. I asked Chloe about her background. She’s from Nottingham and her father is of Zimbabwean heritage. I told her she spoke well and raised some emotional points. I gave Chloe a card and she has since added me on Insta’ . Her profile tells me she is 19. It’s good that someone so young has took an interest in politics, but it is unfortunate that her interest has been triggered by something that should not exist in a modern society i.e. racism an injustice.

I composed the photo so Chloe was on the edge of the frame with some negative space to the left of her to give the image context of the environment. When I uploaded the photos to my laptop, I realised that I had composed it incorrectly as the free area to the left of her was too busy and distracting , so I’ve ended up cropping the image quite a lot and presenting it in an almost square format. As for the pose, Chloe asked me should she raise her arm, to which I replied, “it’s your photo, do as you wish”

Thanks for being stranger 227 Chloe, stay safe on the streets.
August 25th, 2020  
you meet such great people through your project. I hope Chloe lives to see a future without the need to protest against discrimination.
August 25th, 2020  
@helenhall helen thanks for your comment and yes one can hope. Chloe was passionate when she addressed the crowd but gentle and humble when i photographed her

@pdulis thank you Peter
August 25th, 2020  
Another very relaxed 'stranger' Phil, love the pose
August 25th, 2020  
Thanks for this Phil. You’re braver than I am asking strangers to pose, but you’ve got some fabulous shots because of it.
August 25th, 2020  
great shot!
August 26th, 2020  
You should have been a diplomat, Phil! You're too good at this! Another stranger shot - well done!
August 26th, 2020  
I think this generation is more willing to be photographed than those before. they grew up with cameras all around and I think they are more comfortable. I hope she does stay safe.
August 26th, 2020  
Nice shot of her and glad she is passionate. The energy of youth is a powerful thing.

I get frustrated with some of the over the top "PC" stuff that rides on the back of these very relevant protests along with some of the more aggressive elements. It would be good to be able to move for change without the cause being taken over by other undesirable elements that sideline its purpose and reduce its impact.

Agreeing with the above comments. Let's hope as she gets older she will find such protests unnecessary and racism a thing of the past.
August 26th, 2020  
A lovely portrait
August 26th, 2020  
Beautiful photo. She has the pose of one who knows what she wants. Sad times about racism - it is here too, unfortunately.
August 26th, 2020  
I love the raised arm...she says & she is heard!
August 26th, 2020  
A very energetic and (as always) thoughtful capture; Chloe looks fired up and ready to take on the world for her cause (as she was doing, of course). Such a crying shame that it's necessary but good on her for doing it!
August 27th, 2020  
@dulciknit alison thank you for your thoughtful words , Chloe was very enthusiastic when she spoke to the crowd

@happypat thanks Pat , you are right :)

@sangwann sad times indeed dione

@beryl thank you beryl

@casablanca Casa' thank you for your kind and considerate words and thoughts, very much appreciated .
August 28th, 2020  
@jackies365 thank you jackie , your words of support are very much appreciated

@marlboromaam maggie thank you, Chloe's story is an important one to tell

@annied thank you annie

@tinley23 thanks lesley. After 227 strangers I am used to approaching people , but it is still difficult

@fbailey felicity, the pose is very important in the story , thank you :)
August 28th, 2020  
Another great portrait , I like her smile despite the sadness of the situation...
August 29th, 2020  
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