Freedom... by randystreat


is when one's tootsies are unrestrained.
Lol mine are nearly always unrestrained
November 24th, 2018  
Since getting the pup I wear protective footwear but I do agree, roll on the end of the teething period!
November 24th, 2018  
Interesting view ;)
November 24th, 2018  
Your shoes really look pretty comfortable.
November 24th, 2018  
Although your shoes and socks look pretty comfy I understand what you're talking about!
November 25th, 2018  
TOTALLY agree!!
November 25th, 2018  
All you need is a good foot bath to finish the treatment
November 25th, 2018  
@Dawn I rarely go barefooted. Too tenderfooted, I'm afraid.
@fbailey Puppies can be hard on anything they can get in their mouths, even if it is attached to their mother or father.
@hajeka Tough to think of something for the word "freedom."
@tunia Tunia, actually they really are. Wool clogs and firm soles. They protect my tender tootsies and provide warmth in the winter.
@olivetreeann I don't go barefoot but sometimes there's nothing like kicking off one's shoes and socks.
@thewatersphotos Hehe! A good ole Southern boy.
@peterlgrave That would be heaven. Haven't had one of those (along with the foot massage) in a long time. Perhaps it's time to treat myself.
November 26th, 2018  
@randystreat Oh yea!!
November 26th, 2018  
Barefoot walking on a sand beach. That`s my interpretation.
November 26th, 2018  
@pyrrhula I like that too.
November 28th, 2018  
Barefoot is my religion during summer !
December 2nd, 2018  
@cocobella Good for you. It's supposed to be good for your muscles and balance. I'm afraid I can't do it.
December 3rd, 2018  
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