Cookie sprinkles by randystreat

Cookie sprinkles

Today's word was sprinkles. Who doesn't love Christmas cookies liberally sprinkled with colored sugars and silver balls. (And did anyone else not know those little silver balls shouldn't be consumed? I just found that out today.)
Oh yes, a great time of the year, and I love cookies
December 6th, 2018  
Nice shot of your cookie sprinkles!
December 6th, 2018  
sugar high! I have a gingerbread cutter just like that - I must have pinched it from Mum!
December 6th, 2018  
Lovely comp
December 6th, 2018  
Lovely capture.
December 6th, 2018  
Lovely festive capture
December 6th, 2018  
No!! I thought you just shuoldn't chew them as they break fillings!! This is a gorgeous shot. FAV
December 6th, 2018  
this is beautiful FAV
December 6th, 2018  
Nice collection of Christmassy items.
December 6th, 2018  
Work in progress.?? do you still use them?
December 6th, 2018  
I do love Christmas cookies! And by the looks of this photo yours are going to be quite yummy! I did not know you shouldn't eat the little silver balls. Like Jackie I just thought you shouldn't chew them. Love the whole feel of this shot- fav!
December 7th, 2018  
@digitalrn Thanks Rick. No cookies baked in the making of this photo, unfortunately.
@jamibann Thank you Issi.
@pusspup Yes, a bit of sweet. The largest cookie cutter and possibly the smaller gingerbread man cutter belonged to my mother.
@ziggy77 Thank you Jo.I appreciate the fav in addition to the comments.
@haskar Thank you Haskar for the comments and fav.
@craftymeg Thanks so much Margaret.
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Thank you very much Jackie for the fav and comments. Yes, it's disappointing I know. I always thought it was so neat to get them on a cookie.
@777margo Thank you Margo for commenting and fav'ing my photo.
@tunia Thank you Tunia.
@pyrrhula Just photo today, no cookies. But if I make some with these, they will be gingerbread (men)/ trees and I will certainly post a photo.Thank you for commenting.
@olivetreeann I wish I was making them (although I don't really need them) May bake some gingerbread cookies with these later in the month. Apparently silver is not approved for ingestion. Thank you very much for commenting and for the fav.
December 7th, 2018  
This is such a homely festive scene. Fav. I never knew about the silver balls.
December 8th, 2018  
@mandygravil Thank you so much, Mandy. It's disappointing about the silver balls, thought, isn't it.
December 9th, 2018  
Very nice ambiance....I could smell the cookies in the oven ;)
December 16th, 2018  
@cocobella Wish there had been cookies in the oven. Thank you.
December 17th, 2018  
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