A student’s hobby by rhoing

A student’s hobby

I photographed this plant and left the images for my plant systematics expert. His response — as the filename in Dropbox — “IMG_7652A - Sarracenia sp. (probably a hybrid).” So I put the question to the director of the Greenhouse, who generally knows what’s in “his” greenhouse.

Rich’s response was that one of the student workers is really into carnivorous plants and this is a hybrid. Rich described the hybrid as “odd” but also as “really cool.” Agree and agree!

I suppose there's a possibility that this isn't even in the Sarracenia genus, but here's the Sarracenia page at PhytoImages, http://phytoimages.siu.edu/cgi-bin/dol/dol_terminal.pl?taxon_name=Sarracenia&rank=genus

Photo taken at SIUC Plant Biology Greenhouse, http://www.plantbiology.siu.edu/facilities/plant-biology-facilities/greenhouse/index.php

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[ IMG_7652S12x8Atm :: f/25 :: 0.6" :: ISO-400 :: 60mm ]
Audrey III!
January 6th, 2016  
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