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Nature loving country bumpkin, raised in England's beautiful Peak District.

In 2012 I had thought about taking part in the 365 challenge for years but always worried that I wouldn't be able to keep it up and would struggle to find something photo worthy each day!
I decided to have a go and I actually achieved it - I took a photo every day for each of the 366 days and didn't use a single filler (though that meant I uploaded plenty of bad photos!).


In 2013 I continued the 365 project but didn't worry too much about taking a photo every single day, I've allowed a few fillers, but limited this to within a week of the date they're uploaded to, and finished year 2 with 304 photos taken on the day and 61 fillers. I've learned quite a lot here and seen some fantastic photographs and places...


In 2014, my third year here, I did 365 properly again and did not use any fillers. It's become a habit now! I'm a bit addicted and I love how this project encourages me to go out to play on days when I wouldn't bother if I didn't need a photo!


In 2015 I completed Year 4, without fillers, combining 365 with 30 Days Wild in June and then what became 366 Days Wild after that... at the end of 2015 I am7 months into a Wild Year, due to complete at the end of May 2016.


I don't even have any editing software on my computer, let alone have any idea how to use it and I'm not very interested in fancy effects or tinkering with my photos. I like capturing memories more than anything so my photos are unedited, except for occasional cropping.