This is the same coffee mug and it is my favourite at home. I took two shots of it from different sides in the same place and then layered one onto the other.
I am neither fat nor cuddly. I am not skinny either but very happy with myself. With a little sacrifice – some more fast walking with a bit of jogging added as well as a bit more attention to my food intake – I have managed to reduce my body weight by 10kg. and that is one-eight of my previous weight.
I had been careless of my weight until our return from Andalusia this Easter when I decided to go on the bathroom scales after many months. I was shocked to see that my weight had gone up like never before (I had been fearing this from the fact that my cloths were no longer fitting me perfectly). Now my cloths are not fitting me perfectly either – they are on the loose side.
Thank you so much for looking and for the comments on yesterday’s picture.
What a pair. Clever processing.
posted November 24th, 2017  
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