Snicket by sarahhorsfall


Too late for the 'alleyways' theme, I know .. but here is a snicket near where I live. A "snicket" is a Northern England word for a passageway from one place to another .. also known as a 'ginnel'

I walk along this snicket on the mornings that I go to work at school. It's been selectively given a bit of 'b&w threshold' adjustment for a slightly surreal look!
Wow wow wow
October 1st, 2011  
O this is good, great SC!
October 1st, 2011  
@daveanajao @maaikel Thank yooou!!!! :o)
October 1st, 2011  
Love it!
October 1st, 2011  
@zanettie Thank you - I'm pleased with it - and pleased to have found a new edit toy - look out for more threshold adjusted photos soon! LOL
October 1st, 2011  
It's a 'twitchell' in Nottingham Sarah .....I seem to recall them being called 'ginnels' when I was growing up in Bolton......anyway....great selective B/W threshold :) of a back street :) !!!

I like it, its a very urban and modern image
October 1st, 2011  
@phil_howcroft Thank you, Phil :o)

It keeps making me think of that Aha video which is half black and white pen&ink animation!
October 1st, 2011  
Interesting pping. It works really well.
October 2nd, 2011  
@dulciknit Thanks, Alison - a new editing discovery :o)
October 2nd, 2011  
This is very cool. And I like your commentary on snickets too. I've always used the word snicket, and have never really thought about it. My dad was from Barnsley so maybe I got it from him.
October 6th, 2011  
@cgould Yes, that wouldn't surprise me. Thanks for your comment :o)
October 9th, 2011  
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