feather and droplet by shannejw

feather and droplet

Miserable day and both full of cold, so not wanting to go out for very long, although we did get out for a bit of a wander together and then again on my own.

This is my second attempt at this, but my first go at this feather it was so dusty that I abandoned the results. It's a magpie feather that's been living on my bathroom window, hence the dust. This has not been converted, it's naturally monochrome.

This has been tagged for a couple of challenges the minimalist texture form challenge 2 and to that end there's a minimum of processing on this shot, small crop, tweak of curves, that's it. And the other tag is for new black and white challenge bw-37 where this topic is bubbles and/or droplets.

Three good things:
1. Tescos is now selling veggie suet that's gluten free - yeah, dumplings are back on the menu;
2. Even with a couple of days not getting out, I've still walked over 38 miles this week, so on target for 2000 miles this year.
3. tasty stir fry with egg fried rice for supper
it works like a magnifier.

2000 miles this year? An average of 5, 6 miles a day. Wow, impressive.
January 13th, 2019  
Beautifully magnified, intriguing
January 13th, 2019  
isn't veggie suet an oxymoron? i always thought suet is animal fat. i better take a look at my webster. fabulous close up shot. aces!
January 13th, 2019  
@summerfield it's hard vegetable fat - palm oil and/or coconut fat. But suet comes with wheat flour - this is the first time I've found any suet without wheat. And there are a couple of recipes I really like with suet.
January 13th, 2019  
Great shot, and interesting re the suet. I will mention that to my husband who is intolerant of gluten and other foods.
January 13th, 2019  
Interesting to read about the natural monochrome.
January 14th, 2019  
Dust in macro shots is the bane of my life. ;)
I like how the water droplet is magnifying the texture here.
January 14th, 2019  
Wonderful detail
January 14th, 2019  
Such an interesting motive, I like the fact that this is natural monochrome with a natural magnifier.
January 14th, 2019  
This is such a great minimalist shot with super texture and composition!
Well done and A FAV!
January 21st, 2019  
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