New Black & White Challenge

January 3rd, 2019
Thank you Helen Jane for hosting the 35th Black and White Challenge, particularly at such a busy time of year. I am very flattered to have won and am happy to host the next one. I have chosen the topic of drops and/or bubbles. There will be no shortage of drops falling from the sky this month, I fear, and there are drops and bubbles all over the place, even within the comfort of your own home!

I look forward to your entries!

This is black and white challenge number 37, so simply tag your entry


Your photo must be taken between now (3 January) and Sunday 20 January and submitted between those dates, to be included for judging.

For your information, here are past categories:

bw-1 High contrast
bw-2 Architecture
bw-3 Glassware
bw-4 Body parts
bw-5 Festivities
bw-6 Faces
bw-7 Landscape
bw-8 Patterns
bw-9 Still life
bw-10 Reflections
bw-11 Movement
bw-12 Seasons
bw-13 Silhouettes
bw-14 High key
bw-15 Fashion
bw-16 Technology
bw-17 Low key
bw-18 Long Exposure
bw-19 Refraction
bw-20 Expression
bw-21 Shadows
bw-22 Edge
bw-23 Flora
bw-24 Writing
bw-25 Negative space
bw-26 Speed
bw -27 food
bw-28 light rays
bw-29 animals
bw-30 minimalism
bw-31 urban
bw-32 stairs
bw-33 curves
bw-34 cracks and crevices
bw-35 Key
bw-36 Trees
January 3rd, 2019
an interesting subject
January 4th, 2019
good topic...hmm
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