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June 2020. My name is Madeline and I have been living since December 2017 in Salem, Oregon, a native New York City person who has moved around a lot. I lived in Nicaragua for seven years and the name Granagringa is a combination of Granadina, a female person who lives in Granada and Gringa, the universal Latin American term for a North American. It's a pleasure to meet you all...

And make that year 5 for me here. ..my anniversary date is the 21st of May. But I've been a little late at getting to this. In the midst of the Covid19 pandemic, one would think that there'd be so much and there is, it just seems to go down many paths. Photography has become so consistent in my life now. Amazing that this one-year project continues; all to get me out of the rut of shooting the same type of images. Well, that certainly has been accomplished. I learn so much from this site and the support of all of you who drop by and comment or those who post in the challenges and whereever ..

And I have come to appreciate so many of you for your visions and I love having this wonderful gallery at my fingertips. Thank you.