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✌ - “God creates the beauty. My camera and I are a witness.” ― Mark Denman

It has been a long time since I last updated my profile. Today is 22 July 2020. Month 5 of the Coronavirus. It is uncanny how you can be floating along in life and all of a sudden you find yourself in rough water paddling like crazy against a strong current. 2020 has been just that for not only me, but all of the world. Hoping and praying this will soon come to an end, but also thinking that there is the possibility that life as we knew it will not return. We cannot be discouraged, we will get through this, but we may need to adapt to a new way of doing things from here on. As we move forward let us be an encouragement to all on the Project that we have chosen to follow.
I started my venture on the Project in January 2012. After nine years I am going to try and fine tune my eye to see my subjects in different ways. At least that is my goal at this time. My first SLR was a Minolta SRT 101 35mm, my first dSLR was a Canon T3i. I am now using a Canon 70D and occasionally I use my Samsung S10e when in a pinch. I have learned so much and have been challenged beyond belief since joining this website!

My photos that have made it to the Popular Page: