Night Crawler

"Huddled in the cellar
Fear caught in their eyes
Daring not to move or breathe
As the creature cries
Fingernails start scratching
On the outside wall
Clawing at the windows
"Come to me" it calls
Atmosphere's electric
As it now descend the stairs
Hiding in the darkness
Is so futile from its glare
Death comes in an instant
As they hoped it would
Souls ascend to heaven
While it feasts on flesh and blood."

-Judas Priest

My daughter and I did some heavy metal pumpkin carving today. We made some scary pumpkins and listened to Judas Priest, Helloween, and King Diamond. I used a set of wood carving chisels to make these fancy teeth.
Cool picture.
posted October 27th, 2014  
YOU are a scary storyteller as well as a scary image capture-er!
posted October 27th, 2014  
Lookin' good here.
posted October 29th, 2014  
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