it's all over by summerfield

it's all over

the legalization of marijuana in canada brought forth a gazillion stores tending to potheads (now, don't be telling me i am being politically incorrect but that is how they call themselves, the potheads, i mean). where there used to be grocery stores or food specialty stores or shops or restaurants, who had gone belly-up due to the pandemic, most of the spaces are now occupied by cannabis dealers.

this one used to be a fruit and vegetables store and a garment shop. now, you go to the right shop to get your supply and if you cannot wait to get home to smoke yourself silly, you go next door where they have an open 'potio' (get it? pot. patio. potio!) and smoke and socialize with like minded,!

but what caught my eye and made for a lot of giggling is the proud pronouncement SERVING POTHEADS SINCE..AH, I FORGET. 不不不 because apparently, according to an acquaintance who was made to smoke it to relieve her stress, it makes you forget everything while you're 'high'.

in the middle wall, behind those diagonal lines, it says:
kensington rules:
say hi to people
show love, be kind
pay artist
respect all
be present
stay safe
Great photo and great narrative.
September 21st, 2021  
Great building. It definitely draws the attention.
September 21st, 2021  
Thanks for drawing our attention to that door and the words behind the lines. Fascinating! And I do also like the serving potheads since色
September 21st, 2021  
Living where I do, just north of Humboldt County CA and south of Oregon, we have been watching the effects of legal marijuana for quite awhile. I was laughing at the I forget even before I read your fascinating narrative.
September 21st, 2021  
Fabulous shot and narrative, really put a smile on my face :-)
September 21st, 2021  
Like all the tips, did they pay you - the artist??!
September 21st, 2021  
that's such a fun shot and narrative!
September 21st, 2021  
Haha. A sign of the times.
September 21st, 2021  
September 21st, 2021  
Perhaps if there had been more of these stores BEFORE the pandemic 2020 wouldnt have been such a horrible year! Terrific shot of this new enterprise.
September 21st, 2021  
Well, that is quite a bizarre thing! They manage to make the stores look so seedy. Maybe someone should invest in an upper class looking one!
PS my parcel to your sis has been sitting in Manila since 11th August when it was scanned as arrived. Still 'in transit' so I hope she gets it before too long now!
September 21st, 2021  
Great narrative, sleazy looking shops :)
September 21st, 2021  
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