queen of peace church by summerfield

queen of peace church

i'm going to finish off this week with this magnificent church in norval, georgetown, ontario. this is circa 2014. i could've made this my flash of red because those two towers' roofs are bright red. the stained glass works are magnificent. this is a croatian church and as such their website is more croatian than english and if there's any blurb on this structure, i might have missed it.

feeling much better now and able to eat a full meal for supper (no dessert though 🥴). i also got a bouquet of flowers from church, they missed me as i haven't been for two sundays in a row and i will miss the family day community dinner tomorrow night. my coughs come sporadically now but this afternoon, i felt so weak i had to go have a lie-down. god, i feel so old! thank you for all your get-well wishes. ♥


new macro challenge - NUTS! the edible and eatable kind of nuts.

and belatedly my five plus two offering for this week's breakfast cereal theme: https://365project.org/fiveplustwo/365/2020-02-12
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