do you sweat like a pig? by summerfield

do you sweat like a pig?

sweat like a pig is an idiomatic expression which means to sweat a lot. but then pigs, because of their thick skin, have fewer sweat glands. they do sweat, but not as much as humans do, they only become madescent. when they get hot, they prefer to wallow in damp places to keep themselves cool. so 'sweat like a pig' should actually mean 'not sweating a lot'.

the piggies and i have survived more than the first half of the month so i think we should be okay. although, we still might self-destruct at any moment.


there's a new six-word story challenge. might you want to put in an entry or two? here's the low down:
Prince Andrew certainly doesn't get madescent at all
April 19th, 2024  
That's a new word on me, nice one!
I was always told men sweat, horses perspire and ladies glow!
April 19th, 2024  
Haha. Clever use of the word.
April 19th, 2024  
Well done
April 19th, 2024  
FAV. brilliant concept, execution, and use of the pig word
April 19th, 2024  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond - well, apparently he's a pig!
April 19th, 2024  
No, I sweat like a horse. These little ones look like they've been sprinkled with sugar.
April 20th, 2024  
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