joy riding by summerfield

joy riding

max mara parfum. horse riding is what came to mind when i saw the shape of this bottle. i don't know why. so i set out to find a riding crop and while it was available on amazon, i needed it now! so i googled where i could procure one and all information pointed to a store in toronto called "la vie en rose".

now, "la vie en rose" is a lingerie store so it didn't make sense to me. heck, at almost 62 you'd think i know the ways of the world already, and i think i can be considered a "widely read" individual. but the website of the store advertised a sale so i went to the store at the mall. with partner! hahahahaha! without him knowing what i was there for. the poor man was laughing at all the weird negligees and lingeries. then he heard me ask "do you have a riding crop here?" and he turned around and asked "what the heck do you need a riding crop for?" now, my man has a loud voice (owing methinks to him being almost deaf). so not unexpectedly, all heads turned to us, a pair of old folks, one wanting a riding crop and the other wondering what it was for!

very calmly, i said "what in heavens name do you think i need it for, dear?" and he looked at me with that confused look in his eyes before realizing and saying out loud "oh, for your photography!" the saleslady at this point produced the riding crop (bedecked in rhinestones at the handle) and handed it to me, looked at partner standing beside me and smiled rather shyly (the saleslady, not partner) or maybe it was a sly and not a shy smile.

at the cash, i asked the saleslady, "why do you have riding crop here at the store." (fyi, i initially inquired at the sports stores and no one even knew what a riding crop was!) the saleslady shrugged her shoulders and said she didn't know.

i actually got a good bargain for this. this was regularly $25 and after a lot of discounts and in-store coupons, my bill came to $5 and change plus tax. as soon as we stepped out of the store, it was then that something clicked in my brain (okay, wide reader, but slow on the uptake!). you know, lingerie, garters, riding crop! i know you get it!


thank you for your visits and comments; know that they are truly appreciated. and i must thank you also for sending me good vibes, as along with over-the-counter meds, i feel much better, enough to have travelled down to london to give the grandchildren their Christmas presents. i shall catch up with yours as from tomorrow.
1. We're in Michigan, nerves have calmed down after contacting all the people who we've made plans, unmade plans and remade plans with and all is well.
2. If Jeff wasn't sleeping a few feet from this computer, I'd be laughing hysterically right now, BECAUSE
3. I knew why the lingerie store was carrying a riding crop and I'd never even consider using it other than for riding a horse!!!

Now, how did I know this? Who knows! It's not like I'm into kinky stuff- but I must say, I do find that my innocent demeanor sometimes has people confessing some rather sad things to me- that I don't know why either- perhaps a non-judgmental character??? At any rate- can you believe that?! Thanks for getting the info to Katy. I gave her my email as well.

Lastly- although bittersweet, it is going to be a nice visit.
Oh, and fav
December 22nd, 2014  
Priceless story! :) Great photo! FAV

Glad you're feeling marginally improved.
December 22nd, 2014  
I have to fav this for your story! I also really like your composition and how you processed it. It tells a great story.
Glad to hear you are feeling much better and that you had a good visit with the grandkids.
December 22nd, 2014  
The image is great, the story makes it, fav
December 22nd, 2014  
Another Fav for the story. I like yours much better than fifty shades of grey, which I have never read but I've heard enough about to see how your riding crop and the picture are a happier destination than the mistress it was originally intended would purchase it, the sales lady probably had a great story to tell too. And partner probably turned fifty shades of red once he realized what you were buying but before the photography occurred to him
December 22nd, 2014  
What I don't understand is why that bottle makes you think of horse riding. It isn't jockey cologne is it?
December 22nd, 2014  
Great story I love it. Makes the image even more interesting.
Thanks for the challenge I think I will have fun with it. The link was a great help and yours was a great capture. My white balance has never been off auto so this will be a whole new experience!
December 22nd, 2014  
Oh Vicky thanks for the giggles, I have never been in "one of THOSE" shops! But I do think my education needs extending ....... so maybe one of these days before I am seventy xx great pic btw
December 22nd, 2014  
Not worldly, not widely read but even I had figured it out faster than it took me to read about it! By the way what a magnificent story to accompany this fantastic shot! you are getting a lot of mileage out of that hat too! Perfect for the various uses you have put it too already!
December 22nd, 2014  
Okay first things first; my thought was a paperweight, it seems curved a little. Not sure where Jockey came from but hilarious. As soon as you started explaining I knew, as so as you said Jockey I had an inclining, (smug aren't I) Such a brilliant story:0)
December 22nd, 2014  
Hahah! This made me burst out laughing! I thought you are pulling a fifty shades of grey! Lol.
December 22nd, 2014  
Lol the riding crop made me think of fifty shades of grey :P great story to accompany it too and superb shot of it. I really love how you compose your shots to tell a story
December 23rd, 2014  
I'm in hysterics! You could easily put together a book of some of your best writing and photos and people would clamor for it! This is too too funny...and not at all what I was expecting when I saw the picture! Merry Christmas, m'friend!
December 24th, 2014  
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