little green apples by summerfield

little green apples

there's a couple of green apples kicking around in my fridge for i don't know how long. so i thought they're fit to be props. they look good and tasted sweet so, after three shots, all's gone; even though this is the most photogenic of the three.

continuing with forms in nature for the flash of red 2020.

Lovely job showing the apple's inherent beauty!
And very sorry to hear that you are sick again/still! Wishing you a speedy AND COMPLETE recovery!
February 9th, 2020  
What a neat idea to backlight apples! I love the way the light comes through the holes but also how the black seeds are blocking the light, adding even more interest!
February 9th, 2020  
Very creative!
February 9th, 2020  
Quite an amazing and creative capture. Hope you will be feeling better soon.
February 9th, 2020  
That is a wonderful shot. Isn't nature glorious
February 9th, 2020  
Nice shot. Wishing you a speedy recovery 💪
February 9th, 2020  
Everyone here is taking zinc, of all things, to clear up their upper respiratory sicknesses. If you have fever you really need to go to the doctor! Your apple photos are wonderful.
February 9th, 2020  
Nicely done Vikki. What a pain to be sick again. Hope you're feeling better soon :)
February 9th, 2020  
Oh Vikki, I'm sorry you're sick again. Take care of yourself. You might have to stay home until you're well.
Lovely shot of the apple slices.
February 10th, 2020  
Love the close up detail. I truly hope by now you are cured or at least on the mend!
February 10th, 2020  
@grammyn - thanks, girlfriend. still poorly. btw, your magic potion didn't work for me; only managed to make me hurl. 😢
February 11th, 2020  
Sorry you are feeling unwell again
February 12th, 2020  
@summerfield Oh No! i am so sorry! ♥
February 13th, 2020  
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