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Monday - Dee @aussiechic29 An Aussie girl who wanders. Really dig Black and White photography and the use of negative space. Canon 5D mark ii, Panasonic Lumix TZ110 and Samsung S9

Tuesday - Jackie @30pics4jackiesdiamond South England. Pentax K70 D-SLR, Panasonic Lumix DMC-SZ7 Point and Click or Android 'phone. I can take 100s to achieve THE right shot or just shoot and upload.

Wednesday - Ira @Ira Located in Germany, owner of a small business offering creative services, including photography. Tattoo artist to be. Nature lover. Cat lady. 50mm ftw.

Thursday - Rob @robz I'm strictly a hobby photographer who owns a camera which can fit into my pocket - a Canon PowershotSX620HS. It's little and fun - but has some severe limitations. I do like the IT component of this hobby - and seem to have a crazy liking for abstracts.

Friday - Talea @rainebeforedawn I'm currently living in Colorado and am a mom of 2 amazing kids--no joke! I love art and portraits in all forms and coffee, definitely love coffee. I'm embarking on a new phase of my life and some of that will come out here as I learn to navigate this new landscape and explore visual story telling.

Saturday - Craig @craigwantsnack Southeast England coast. A fan of natural light. Canon 700D, iPhone 6 and maybe a little 35mm Horizon Kompakt action if I’m feeling fruity.

Sunday -


Photographer friends who were a part of our project for a little while:

- Jake @jakes Northwest Montana, I like using photoshop almost as much as I like using my cameras, and the still think mirrors are cool. Nikon D750, Nikon D610, IPhone SX Max

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