Teefs unfinished  by tinley23

Teefs unfinished

Granddaughter/grandma - each missing the same teeth. Orla’s unfinished adult set - me, I had an accident last year which caused me to lose 3 front teeth. Hopefully my new implants will be in at the end of this month. I was nervous about posting this but, hey, I’m an ugly old cuss anyway, and we thought it was funny. (For the 5+2 Unfinished challenge)
Fun shot!
March 4th, 2020  
Fav. 🤗
March 4th, 2020  
what fun, but i'm sorry for your loss.
March 4th, 2020  
Love your title and creative take on the 'unfinished' theme! I bet your granddaughter and you had a great laugh about this, one image to look back on years down the line :-)
March 4th, 2020  
I think this is just wonderfully fun and something she'll probably remember all her life- the time she and grandma had matching teeth!
March 7th, 2020  
@lmsa @chrisiow @summerfield @overalvandaan @olivetreeann Thank you all. It was a fun shot, but I will be so glad when I finally get my implants...
March 8th, 2020  
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