Who 'Burns the Bread'? by ajisaac

Who 'Burns the Bread'?

Who 'Burns the Bread'? - hopefully not this baker from Wells in Somerset!

Perhaps they have learnt a lesson from our History.....

One of the best known stories in English history is that of King Alfred and the cakes. Children are taught the story where Alfred is on the run from the Vikings, taking refuge in the home of a peasant woman. She asks him to watch her cakes – small loaves of bread – baking by the fire, but distracted by his problems, he lets the cakes burn and is roundly scolded by the woman.

When and where was this supposed to have taken place?

On January 6th 878 the Vikings under their king Guthrum launched a surprise attack on Alfred’s base at Chippenham. Alfred was forced to flee with just a small company of men into the Somerset Levels, an area he knew well from his childhood.

It is here that the story about the cakes is supposed to have taken place. Alfred and his men were hiding in the swamps and marshes of Somerset, living from day to day, dependent on the local people for food and shelter whilst fighting a guerrilla-style war with the Vikings.

Now you should get the connection to my shot!
King Alfred???
May 6th, 2018  
@30pics4jackiesdiamond Perhaps - I have added the story of king Arthur and the 'cakes' following your comment - the stuff of legends.
May 7th, 2018  
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