Flat Out by ajisaac

Flat Out

Not much snow here in this part of Wales, we seemed to have missed the large stuff further east & north.

Anyway this tractor driver hasn't a worry if we get lots of the white stuff with his large wheels as he is going 'Flat out like a badger on a bypass' (see sticker on the back of his cab).

It must be West Wales....!
Great shot and notes.

I love the sign on the tractor and the language usage. Slang is endlessly fascinating. We have different usages of 'flat out' here. 'I'm flat out, mate' means I'm really busy. Or 'going flat out' is going really fast or 'flat out lying' is telling complete porkies. There's a few others that don't bear repeating in polite company.
March 8th, 2023  
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