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Step forward

I stood on the railway bridge at Chalk Farm for a bit taking a few candids and didn't realise I'd got this rather interesting pic - love the coloured tights and the synchronised stepping out.

Got going earlyish for a change to try and avoid the usual Saturday morning rush to Pilates. Dave sorted me out with a healthy breakfast of fruit and juice. Then I got the bike and my kit together and cycled off to Pilates. A tough session as Saturday's usually is.

Then I popped into the Veg Hut and got a little bit of stuff - avocado, aubergines and some nice looking chestnut mushrooms. Then cycled up to the village to have a look round the village market.

A moment of irritation when the cashpoint died just as I was putting my card in - turned out the security guy was in the back refilling it. Had to wait a good 15 mins for it to be ready again, so wandered into Debbie Bliss and, ignoring all their classy hipster stuff, I bought a Moomin colouring book.

Also went into the Spanish deli and found some nice flavoured olive oils for a friend's birthday present. Then managed to finally get some cash out and went into the market. It was OK but only bought some cheese from the Italian cheese man.

Then cycled back home - about half way I went over a bump and my saddle jolted upwards (Dave has recently raised the seat height) and I spent the rest of the journey perched rather uncomfortably on it.

At home, I cobbled together a lovely healthy lunch of avocado, mozzarella and tomatoes with some cucumber and radishes then headed out to Camden Town for my melodeon class. A sessionof going over the tunes we've already learned and getting together in pairs to work on arrangements.

Walked back to Chalk Farm to avoid Camden Town's mayhem as usual and decided to go into the interesting grocer I usually just walk past - Melrose and Morgan - some lovely food in there. Bought some buttermilk chilli and thyme crispbreads and some milk.

Once home, read a bit then practised a bit of melodeon. Then cooked up a Hugh FW warm salad of squash and mushrooms - with added swede, carrot and potato. Very tasty. M joined us for dinner as she was in.

F is for F
Chalk Farm

12 March 2016
Chalk Farm NW1
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