Giant crumpet

A giant crumpet for breakfast this morning. Sort of comfort food. Except it didn't really give much comfort.

Kind of luckily I didn't wake up this morning to the surprise of the Leave vote - that's because I'd been awake on and off through the night from about 2am onwards keeping tabs on the scores. So knew by about 4 that all was lost.

Deeply deeply disappointed and unhappy - it's beyond me how a slim majority of people with only the scantiest of information available to them about the consequences of such a momentous decision could set in motion the removal of my European citizenship.

David Cameron resigned. Pound and markets fluctuated all day though Mark Carney's intervention calmed things a little. And rumours started flying around on social media of a big increase in hate crime.

Anyway, wasn't working today - not sure if that was a good or bad thing, but I got Dave sorted out with a giant crumpet while he got washed and dressed for work, then packed the car with our camping equipment.

Once he'd set off, I packed my suitcase then had a luxurious bath. Sorted myself out with a mozzarella salad lunch then cooked up some tuna pasta for us to have for dinner this evening.

Then did a bit of very hurried photo uploading - was just trying to finish off the last bit before I had to leave, when my sister phoned to say we should all try for Cypriot citizenship as it was really easy to get.

Managed to get out almost on time, but still caught the bus that arrived to save a few minutes - got to Seven Sisters in plenty of time and picked up the train to Turkey Street. There rather amazingly Dave had already arrived - he's usually quite a few minutes late.

This advantage was lost however when he said we'd have to pop back to the college as he'd left his mug behind. Once we'd picked that up, got onto the M25 and then the M40 for the drive to Bampton for the English Country Music Weekend. Without incident, we were at the village just gone 7.

Some confusion as to how to get onto the camping field and we got told off for driving on the cricket pitch, but apparently they'd closed the normal entry because of a big puddle and the steward who should have shown us the way had gone AWOL.

Found a empty space by some football goalposts and started putting up the tent, a couple of beers in hand. We warned Celia next door that we normally bicker and argue horribly when putting up the tent - but somehow we didn't so much this time. Although there were a couple of sticky moments when we found we didn't have a bottle opener (!) and the littlest nozzle that was the only size to fit Dave's airbed had gone missing. Neighbours helped out.

Once the tent was up I went in search of water and our badges. We boiled up some water for cups of tea and ate the tuna pasta and also had a gin and tonic and in Dave's case a schnapps and tonic.

Then we walked into the village in search of a session. Popped into the Romany Inn for a bit with Old Swan then ended up in the Horseshoe where Monty's Maggot were hosting the session and met up with Heather.

Then walked back in the dark to the pavilion and stayed playing there till gone 1 but I was falling asleep over my melodeon after the virtually sleepless night before.

Walked back to the tent and put lots of clothes on to try and ward off the cold. Wasn't too bad although my hips and knees did ache a bit.

M is for melodeon

27 June 2016
Walthamstow E17

24 June 2016
Walthamstow E17

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