Happy new year by boxplayer

Happy new year

Happy new year everyone - strictly speaking this was taken 4 minutes past midnight on New Year's Day but who's counting. Outside in our folk song fancy dress cheering at the fireworks.

So last day of 2017 - another politically rather crap year. Didn't sleep all that well waking up with an early hangoverish headache at 2.

Had spent Christmas Day and the following days slobbing about on the sofa so felt like a bit of a walk today, so after breakfast, Dave and I wandered out to do a bit of a circular walk.

Headed down to the nature reserve and the river admiring all the big Beeston mansions. A short stretch through the reserve was pretty with some swans and other water birds bobbing on the little ponds. Saw a friendly robin too.

Arrived at the river - very scenic with barges and a weir roaring the other side. Beeston Marina had a shop, tea hut and pub and was busy with people enjoying the wintry sunshine. We walked on a short distance to the Canalside Heritage Centre - nice little place with a small shop and a tea room where we had tea and shared cake.

Walked straight up from here to complete the circular along more Beeston residential roads, crossing the railway line and coming across the splendid looking Victoria pub. Anna phoned at this point bemoaning the fact that she'd forgotten parmesan so we detoured to the Co-op on the corner to pick some up.

Back at Anna's we gobbled up the traditional New Year's Eve pea and garlic soup with far too much crusty baguette than was good for me. I went upstairs after that to finish off my outfit - sewing gold strips onto my velvet jacket and covering the buttons with tin foil Also made my drum out of an old round biscuit tin and some bits of card and gold cord.

Came down to help with nibbles and dinner preparations a bit before going back up to change. Fancy dress theme was folk songs and I was to be The Female Drummer - hence the jacket with foil buttons and the drum. Dave togged up as the Blacksmith.

We met the others on the landing - the HM gang as Byker Hill - complete with a biker, a walker, a bonny maid, a collier lad and Elsie Marley:

"If I had another penny
I would have another gill
I would make the piper play
'The Bonny Lass of Byker Hill'

Byker Hill and Walker Shore
Collier lads for ever more
Byker Hill and Walker Shore
Collier lads for ever more"

Sophie was The 3 Ravens (all 3 of them very cleverly) and Anna went for local interest, with her breeches, flat cap and brace of pheasants, as a Rufford Park poacher.

After photos, we went downstairs for nibbles and I rustled up some cocktails - a yokelpolitan (a bit like a rustic cosmopolitan) and a Thomas Hardy Wallbanger.

Before dinner, Sophie and I changed again into our female highwaywoman outfits. Dinner was fresh trout for us with a game broth for the others along with root vegetables (complete with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme) and a syllabub.

At midnight trooped outside to watch a few fireworks then very quickly came back in again as was cold and watched the London fireworks on the telly. Then a bit of Bill - very funny but I found myself falling asleep so left them to it and went to bed. Hardly the party animal - can't quite believe it's 2018.

The Female Drummer https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2017-12-31

31 December 2017 (well 00:04 on 1 January 2018 really)
Beeston, Nottingham
Sounds like a fun filled new years eve
January 4th, 2018  
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