Blowzabella in Stamford by boxplayer

Blowzabella in Stamford

Playing for a dance at Stamford Arts Centre. Start of a rather bonkers weekend away.

Worked from home today as was travelling up to Stamford on the 4.40 from King's Cross. Packed first so didn't log in until 9ish. Saw the foxes, one of them with a bad leg, carrying it up in the air.

Felt a bit anxious most of the day as Dave wasn't joining me going away for the weekend, never like leaving him behind. Grabbed a very quick salady lunch, then logged off at 3.40.

Grabbed my suitcase and melodeon and layered up with lots of layers - big wool coat, 2 scarves, gloves, proper hat. Massive big chill on its way, 'the beast from the east'. Decided to leave the C/f melodeon behind - a shame as one of the reeds is playing up and Anna has the special tool to pull the pins out. But I just didn't think I'd manage a heavy suitcase and 2 melodeons on the trains.

King's Cross of course was busy and my train platform wasn't up yet, though my app seemed to think it would be platform 9. So I hovered around that side. Sure enough, 9 came up and then there was the most almighty stampede of people to get through the barriers. My ticket didn't work them, so I had to try and find where the staff were standing - couldn't see with the masses massing through the barriers.

Eventually found them and got through on to the platform which was heaving. Train turned out to be a local-type train with no seat reservations, hence all the massing and stampeding. Amazingly I managed to get one of the last seats and manage to find somewhere to put the suitcase and melodeon. But was next to a stupid manspreading wanker with poky elbows. I'm quite good at the poky elbow thing myself so gave as good as I got.

A lot of people standing though - just like a tube train. But was only for an hour to Peterborough and I got off here and found the platform for Stamford. Very cold waiting for a slightly delayed train. This was busy too, but I perched on one of those fold-up seats by the door, the journey only being 10 minutes. Took the chance to give Dave a ring.

Arrived at Stamford just gone 6 and found my way through the dark rather quiet streets to the King's Head to meet Anna and Sophie - already ensconced at a small table with wine.

Was a bit frazzled after the journey but soon relaxed over a pan-fried halloumi salad and wine. Took my suitcase to Anna's car after that before making our way to the arts centre for the dance with Blowzabella.

Met R and H there and there were loads of other people we knew around too. A very nice evening of dancing quite a lot - knee not a problem and hip not too bad either. Frances turned up - a bit late as Taal had got to her late.

Afterwards, Anna drove us to Ketton for a late night session at A and M's party palace. Not so much a session, but more another more intimate concert as Anna and R played together. Most of Blowzabella were there chilling too. I sat and chilled but kept all my warm things on as despite the log burner it was well cold.

Got home about 2.30ish and amazingly none of us were particularly up for any nibbles so it was straight to bed. Odd being in Anna's top room without Dave.

King's Cross station

23 February 2018
Stamford, Lincolnshire
Wow, such a busy day!
March 4th, 2018  
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