Nigel Eaton and Becky Price by boxplayer

Nigel Eaton and Becky Price

Playing for a bal at On Bouge.

Worked from home this morning though didn't get going till 9 as did a bit of tidying up, finding duvets and linen, and putting a rye bread on. Logged on eventually and worked till lunchtime before popping out to Sainsbury's to pick up some leeks and finding an interesting vegan burger for lunch on the way.

Worked on till 4ish when Dave came home. He went upstairs to rest but then not long after I'd wondered where Sophie was, got a tearful, panicky phone call from her as she was lost and stuck in a car park by Walthamstow station.

We got in the car and drove in the horrid rain to try and find her. Traffic awful of course. Dave dropped me off at the station and drove back home and I ran down the station approach and found her parked up behind the building works.

With my google maps on, we found what seemed to be the best way back but it still took a good half hour as the traffic was appalling. No time now to make the chickpea and fennel soup I was planning, so we stopped at the chippie and I got one medium cod and chips.

Dave and I shared the cod and chips and Sophie, with a calming gin and tonic, had mussels. A quick turnaround then we drove off to Primrose Hill for an evening with hurdy gurdy maestro Nigel Eaton and accordion from Becky. A lovely evening - lots of old faces, old tunes and old dances. Knee was fine, but I did unfortunately cough a lot - lurgy still hanging on in there.

Drove back after and had nibbles and red wine before bed.

Green Grill burger

9 March 2018
Primrose Hill NW1
Great fun....I can feel the rhythm!
March 12th, 2018  
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