Dave Shepherd, Jo Veal and Anna Pack by boxplayer

Dave Shepherd, Jo Veal and Anna Pack

Playing at the Friday evening concert kicking off the Hadleigh French Music and Dance Weekend.

Another anxious night as Dave was leaving today - hate him not being at home. Worked at home, packing my bag first as would need to leave pronto at 3.45.

A very busy day getting ready for an announcement on Monday. So worked more or less straight through just stopping to heat up some soup. The only colleague in with me was off at the same time as me to go to a doctor's appointment. So what were the chances - but I got an urgent call about pulling something off the website. Luckily we managed to sort it just before I had to leave

Rushed to the station manically power walking with my melodeon bag and suitcase but ended up having plenty of time. Liverpool Street was busy of course but I had time to get some money out and a sandwich for later.

Got on the train to Norwich. Seemed to be stopping everywhere which seemed odd. It was only when we were at Colchester with only 10 mins to get to Ipswich that I smelled a rat and checked online. I'd got on wrong train - there's a slow and a fast train that leave for Norwich 2 minutes apart, both stopping at Ipswich. I hadn't even suspected such a thing.

So I basically got in to Ipswich at the exact time my bus left. So picked up a taxi - a big people carrier with a very friendly driver, originally from Birmingham but now sounding gratifyingly very Suffolk.

He took me to the White Hart in Hadleigh, once a historic old pub, but now just doing weddings and functions. The pleasant enough rooms were in a little annexe off the main building around a yard, self-contained with their own entrance.

Ate my sandwich and unpacked a bit before walking to the Ansell Centre for the concert. Missed it at first, tucked as it was down a street off the Market Place.

Was there early enough to choose my seat - originally plumping for something in the middle then thinking what the heck and grabbing a seat right at the front - so English.

Lots of familiar faces turned up - Alison and Lyn from Bath, R and H, Simon and Catherine and some of the Norwich crowd. Was an excellent concert: Bof with a Breton singer, Dave, Anna and Jo, and finally La Chavannee.

Got a lift back with R and H. Supposedly there was someone else staying in my B&B who was at the same event - Jill from Derbyshire - but I hadn't found her.

La Chavannee https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2018-04-06

6 April 2018
Hadleigh, Suffolk
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