Naragonia by boxplayer


Belgian duo, multi-instrumentalists who play sublime music to listen and dance to. At the late-night Friday night bal at the Blowzabella Festival at Halsway Manor.

Up to pack this morning, aiming to leave at 11 but of course ended up running late, packing taking much longer than needed somehow. Big halloumi fry-up to see us through the long drive.

Picked up E who managed to stow her accordion and suitcase in among our big bags and instruments. Drove on to the A406, then M4/M5 stopping for a short break at services. With late start though, M5 did start to get a bit sticky.

But the last stretch was divine, Google Maps cutting a corner before we hit Taunton, down some narrow Somerset roads with tunnels of trees and fine views.

Arrived at Halsway to check in - found we were in the annexe which I found disappointing even if it is barely a minute away from the main building. Better plumbing there though so no water problems. Had to move the car after unloading to an adjacent field as so many people were expected for the weekend.

A first session in the bar with early arrivals then it was a queue for dinner. Normally they sit you down and bring out plates of ready-made food, but again because of the numbers, they'd rigged up a servery in the hall and we had to queue - for a fair bit of time. Vegetable tart and cheesecake. Dining hall was jampacked with tables too and we could barely squeeze onto one. Felt a bit grumpy about it all. Also manor bar was closed with drinks only available from the marquee bar.

Sophie had arrived apparently but there was no sign of her and Anna said she had moved her car to the parking field but was was feeling rather upset but she eventually turned up in time to eat dinner.

Concert with Blowzabella in the marquee was excellent - loads of people danced at the back, but it was just good to listen to. Followed by a late-night bal with Naragonia in the long room. Absolutely packed but gorgeous music to dance to.

Session afterwards in the bar - till 3am. But managed to last it out.

11 May 2018
Crowcombe, Somerset
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