Naragonia with Gregory Jolivet by boxplayer

Naragonia with Gregory Jolivet

At the Sunday afternoon unplugged bal at the Blowzabella Festival at Halsway Manor.

Very tired waking up this morning after 2 late nights on the trot. But managed to get to breakfast on time. Was sitting outside when E came out to join us, but was obvious she was very upset. Turns out she'd had some worrying texts from her ex-husband. Sophie took her up the hill to do some watercolours.

A big band workshop again this morning but this time with Naragonia. Really good with lovely tunes written by Toon van Mierlo.

Lunch was a jacket potato with chilli buffet which we ended up eating outside as, though quite fresh, the sun was lovely.

Afternoon was a gentle, relaxing unplugged bal with Blowzabella and Naragonia and lots of spots from all the workshops including ours with Pascale and the big band workshops. All played Rose of Raby at the end in a big massed band.

Almost 2 hours of saying goodbyes after that along with a cream tea. Most people were leaving but we'd opted to stay another night. Once everyone had gone, Sophie got some gin out and gave Dave and I our birthday presents, sitting in the late afternoon sun.

A light buffet lunch followed then a session in the bar with the remaining guests. Quite a few people in the end, but only played till 11.30ish - an early night this time.

Stone ball and maypole

13 May 2018
Crowcombe, Somerset
You've had a wonderful time, I like this group!
May 17th, 2018  
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