Ed, Rob and Sam by boxplayer

Ed, Rob and Sam

Ed joined two of Leveret for a quick run through Raven's Hornpipe after lunch.

Another generous breakfast then us squeezebox we were all put into little ensembles of about 6 people - I was with 2 violinists, another melodeon player, a really nice guitarist and Heather on whistle.

It took us a while to decide on a tune but finally we went with morris dance tune Constant Billy and played around with this all morning trying to half-arrange but really just create something by listening to each other - very hard indeed.

Lunch was nut roast and bakewell tart. Then we all had to demonstrate our pieces to everyone else - again I was so nervous and couldn't play as my hands were shaking too much. Must find some way of dealing with that. Playing out more I suspect.

There was more sharing of tunes after that with the band before a final cream tea. Elena hadn't taken down her tent so we sent her off to get sorted so we could pack the car and drive home. Wasn't remotely as bad as the journey up. Decided to go on the A303 instead of what looked like a naughty M5 and we kept moving more or less the whole time.

Took Elena all the way home and here we got a bit sticky, ending up on West London's odd flyovers before finally getting to Kensal Rise - saw Grenfell Tower with its heart on display.

17 June 2018
Crowcombe, Somerset
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