Drumming at the session by boxplayer

Drumming at the session

Jo May gets into the session on the first evening of the Token Women weekend at Halsway Manor.

Was sad as usual to see Dave off to work, as I was off for the weekend without him. Got up not long after he'd left and had a nice bath.

Breakfast, the last of the packing then caught the tube to Paddington for the train to Taunton. Here my connecting bus was full of, mainly, women of a certain age on their way to Minehead Butlins for a weekend including Boyzone. I was almost tempted to join them, having a laugh as the were.

Very cold as I got off the bus, but not raining too hard as I walked the 5 mins to the house. Seemingly one of the first to arrive, so checked in and got a bit unpacked in my rather smallish twin room. Came back and sat by the fire talking to Caroline, Jo M, Jo F and Linda before we moved into the lounge

Some refurbishments in evidence - the bar's been painted in a rather appealing folksy style, floors have been polished, new leaflet stands and the toilets have been painted.

Got myself a bottle of wine to put on the tab and took a glass into dinner. Goat's cheese tart and all the usual veg followed by delicious profiteroles.

After a bit of an intro from the band, the evening settled down into a pleasantish if not overwhelming session. In bed before midnight. The group is so small (16), that by the time the early-to-beds had gone, there weren't many left to continue into the early hours. They had almost cancelled the course - glad they hadn't.

Goat's cheese tart https://365project.org/boxplayer/extras/2019-01-18

18 January 2019
Crowcombe, Somerset
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