Room with a view by boxplayer

Room with a view

A rather nice view from the flat.

Was exhausted when I woke after the relatively late night and losing an hour. Drove to mum's, and miraculously found a parking place just outside. There was a huge queue outside the flower shop - couldn't understand why until I realised Sainsbury's was still shut. The flower shop queue was taking so long, so waited the 10 mins for Sainsbury's to open and got my mum some nice flowers.

Dave packed up the car with some of her books and the bookcase, leaving a tiny space for her to sit in and we drove to the new flat. Other residents were moving out and we had to wait ages for the goods lift as they were hogging it.

Up to the flat eventually and Dave hung up most of the paintings. He'd nearly finished when a woman from the 3rd floor knocked on the door and said we weren't allowed to do noisy DIY at weekends or after 8 on the weekdays - house rules apparently. I was rather tetchy - how are people working full time supposed to get anything done? Bloody nimbies.

Drove back and we had salmon and avocado foccacia with poached eggs in Evelina's patisserie, plus an opera cake. As it had been so nice and I vaguely remembered it being quite light. But we should have shared, as I was totally stuffed after.

Drove home to do some useful stuff: made inroads into our laundry mountain, whipped up a carrot and pumpkin soup, Dave did a bit of pruning and changed the sheets before finally relaxing.

Hanging pictures

31 March 2019
Highgate N6
Bloody nimbies!! That is a great view
April 8th, 2019  
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