Topette hot sauce and halloumi brunch by boxplayer

Topette hot sauce and halloumi brunch

Finally tried a bit of the Topette hot sauce - extremely yummy on a halloumi brunch.

A relaxing morning, reading, playing melodeon and generally chilling. But then I got a call from my mum stuck in Turnpike Lane as she'd
been waiting ages for a bus - I checked online and I could see that the promised buses just kept disappearing off the app.

So was a mad rush to drive there to pick her up. A bit of a comedy moment as we tried to catch her at the busy Turnpike Lane junction - she was crossing the road and we were trying to call out to her but she kept whirling round trying to pinpoint where our calls were coming from.

She eventually got in and I phoned the William Morris Gallery to let them know we were running late. We got there only about 10 mins late in the end though we had to leave Dave to go off and try and find parking. As he drove off I realised I still had his phone which wasn't ideal should he need to let us know he was having problems.

But he found somewhere and we sat down for our afternoon tea. The email booking info had warned that it wasn't a traditional tea with dainty sandwiches and patisseries, but unfortunately though we don't have a problem with artisan sandwiches - it wasn't quite right.

The artisan sandwiches were huge and plentiful so even though we didn't eat them all, we were well and truly on the way to getting full before the huge rather tasteless scone arrived. So by that time there was no room for the cakes. But we did take the leftovers home. And they were very tasty.

Still cool today and we saw a group of people in the park gamefully picnicking. Drove mum to Tottenham Hale in case there was still a problem with the buses.

Home and we did a bit of a gin tasting of the new gins we had. I decided on the Swedish organic one and took mine to bed with me. But then we ended up having a huge row over nothing which was a shame. Bit of a shambolic day really.

Prosecco afternoon tea

5 May 2019
Walthamstow E17
Yummy! Hubby and I often have a row of nothing too ...your diary often makes me smile :-)
May 6th, 2019  
Well after that sort of day you would both be stressed to the eyes Ayla....not surprised you had a row....I love the way you say things how they are! We all have rows so it will be forgotten soon!
May 6th, 2019  
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