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Dave's plastered hand having finally got the second steroid injection - in his right hand this time.

So we'd been a bit anxious for a few days and especially this morning because of the impending hospital appointment. But it was nice for Dave to have the day off so a bit of a lie in. A lovely sunny day again.

Breakfasted in the garden with the foxes dozing nearby - 2 of them today. Read for a bit trying to relax in then we got ready to leave. Picked up the bumpy bus to the hospital in good time, but hardly any traffic issues this time.

We were at the hospital with half an hour to spare, so we sat on the wall outside in the sunshine for a bit before going in. I forthrightly explained the issues to the nurse - the previous fainting episodes, how he needs to be able to take in something to distract him and how he needs to lie down.

And we got a much better response than last time - the nurse was totally fine with it all and really friendly. So I watched him go off with my phone playing Match of the Day on iPlayer feeling a little less anxious than previously.

They were running a bit late, but he was still out in no time having managed to not faint. Was a bit sore and numb on the way back and he said the injection itself had been very painful. But all done and good.

Picked up jam doughnuts from M&S before catching the bus home - a bit slower going back as the kids had been turfed out of school. Was so nice to finally really relax and read some more in the garden with my doughnut and one of the foxes in the shrubs.

Had a snack of rye oaties with crab sticks and cheese, made a tuna and chickpea salad for our lunches tomorrow, then drove to Camden Town for a small intimate and very lovely concert with Andy Cutting. Finished earlyish and we were back by 10.20.

Heard some swifts today - no sign of ours yet though.

15 May 2019
Walthamstow E17
Glad all went well for Dave, I must have missed about his last visit....Dave sounds like me a bit of a fainter, can be trying although Dave’s sounds like it’s treatment related & not just a wimp that can’t stand for long in a talking situation.
May 28th, 2019  
I am so pleased it all went well for Dave this time
June 1st, 2019  
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