Roses by boxplayer


Dave cut a few of the lovely roses at the weekend and arranged them in a bowl for me - beautifully fragrant.

Still warm though quite a bit of cloud today. Decided against going into town to see an exhibition and just read in the garden after breakfast. Cleaned the fridge and kitchen then cycled to Sainsbury s for a top-up shop and some ingredients for a frittata.

Baked some potatoes for Dave's lunches and the rhubarb that had been knocking about for a while. Finished my book in the garden - the starlings hung about noisily all day, chirruping and tweeting in the trees then diving down to next door's bird table. A few swifts but not many.

Frittata for dinner and a massive photo upload, still behind though. Dave's got back into using his Nutribullet. This is plugged in at the same point as the bread machine, and he managed to turn off the bread mid-cycle instead of the Nutribullet. Thankfully we found there was a bake-only setting and we were able to put it back on.

Rush of Blood

22 May 2019
Walthamstow E17
Calamity or almost! Saved just in time! Are these roses balanced on your outdoor window ledge, they look pretty precarious!
May 28th, 2019  
That's just what I was thinking @happypat
June 1st, 2019  
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