Mexican fleabane at Mottistone Gardens by boxplayer

Mexican fleabane at Mottistone Gardens

Or erigeron karvinskianus. We were entranced by this daisy-like flower climbing all over the stonework and steps at Mottistone Gardens.

A bit of a contrast to yesterday - misty and dampish although it never rained proper. Still warmish though.

Breakfast was basically all the buffet leftovers with toast. Then packed and tidied up. The lady in charge said we could leave the car and also our stuff in the hall - and that no one was arriving today. So we left some food in the fridge until we came back.

Walked to Mottistone Gardens along the lane - with its beautiful planted flower beds, full of nepita and osteospermum, and loads of bumblebees. The roses were very sumptuous and they had a pristine kitchen garden full of perfect leafy salads and vegetables. Banks rose up above the formal gardens to wooded areas, olive groves, and wildflower meadows.

After a bit of a ramble, we stopped in the tea garden, admiring the Seely shack - a perfect little cabin with everything you needed to live in minimalist harmony - 2 beds above, little sink, Baby Belling and fridge, an ensuite and lots of interesting storage cubby holes.

Had a bit of tea, cake and leftover nibbles with mismatched china in the garden. A quick look in the church then walked back. Picked up our stuff and the car - nearly tripping over the raised curb thing that had been threatening to take one of us out all weekend.
Drove to Fishbourne, a lovely spot by the water, with old boats and shacks and nice looking houses. Having left the car in the right lane for boarding the ferry, we popped into the Fishbourne Inn for a drink - decided to finally try the Mermaid gin properly.

Having told the barwoman to leave the tonic on the side, and listening to her repeat it back to me, I was rather disconcerted to see her pouring the tonic in. Force of habit, she said - I encouraged her to make me another one - much to Dave's embarrassment.

It had a slightly earthy taste - OK - but not earth shattering. The Victory was much nicer. Last time T and S were here, they'd seen red squirrels frolicking in the tree opposite, but none today.

Got onto the ferry, and sat outside - not as windy as last time. For some reason, it took a very long slow way round into Portsmouth Harbour. Said goodbye to T and S then walked 10 minutes round the harbour to the Spice Island Inn which we'd seen from the ferry terminal on the Friday.

A Greene King pub, there was also a Fullers opposite. Had a quick Landlord then walked back to the station for the train. Straightfoward if a long journey back. Unpacked, toast and straight to bed.

Jim Young's Corner

2 June 2019
Mottistone, Isle of Wight
lovely + beautiful = fav
June 12th, 2019  
Great shot! Fabulous pov and lovely tones
June 15th, 2019  
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