Rose pot by boxplayer

Rose pot

A lovely pot my sister brought round on Sunday.

A restless night with heavy rain starting in the early hours - so I had to close the window even though it was stifling. Worked from home again - another hot day. K and co went off again - K and E to the local pound shops and P and M to M&Ms. We ordered a cab for later as the fare to Gatwick wasn't going to be much more than what they'd pay for all the tube and train tickets.

I stopped for lunch in the garden and about 1ish everyone returned. Then there was the most amazing amount of mayhem as they packed all their stuff (a lot of it) plus all the new stuff they'd bought into 4 big suitcases. One they'd brought with them empty.

I couldn't believe they were going to get into the cab with all the big cases and all the little ones they had too. But they did manage to squeeze in and set off with a good couple of hours to spare for the airport.

I had had a bit of a headache and indigestion all day (all that gobbling of Turkish food yesterday) so logged off early at 4.30. Did a bit of a quick whip round to get the place back to normality - put a wash on, tidied away duvets.

Went to lie down for a bit and stayed there even after Dave got back. Got up for a smoked salmon and scrambled egg supper, still feeling a bit headachey.

Foxy on the prowl

25 June 2019
Walthamstow E17
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